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        • 名稱: Enpro


        Enpro Supply Chain Management Ltd. is a joint venture company set up by the Guangdong Foreign Trade Group of Guangdong Province and the Grand Dragon Group of Hong Kong. It is registered in the Nansha Free Trade Port, Guangzhou.

        Enpro was awarded by Borouge the Nansha Bonded Logistics Hub contract on August 31, 2008 to provide logistics services to Borouge customers in Asia through the localized distribution center, which started full operation on May 1st, 2010.

        ag真人平台 Enpro is a professional and innovative supply chain management services provider in China.

        As a joint venture company of Guangdong Foreign Trade Group Co. Ltd. of Guangdong Province and Grand Dragon Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong, Enpro is able to draw from both of its parent companies cutting edge logistics technology as well as excellent local and international networks.  

        With its innovative supply chain solution professionals and a highly capable operation team, Enpro provides state of the art supply chain management services to companies doing business in China. Services include supply chain integration and a full spectrum of logistics services including such as transportation, bonded and non-bonded storage, customs brokerage, commodity inspection, picking, packaging, consolidation, distribution supply chain visibility and procurement services.   

        Enpro’s customers include multi-national industrial companies, brand name consumer products owners and large & small domestic manufacturers of finished and intermediate products.



        Enpro Supply Chain Management Limited
        Address: Nansha Bonded Logistics Park, Nansha, Guangzhou, China
        Postcode: 511462
        Phone: 86 20 39082633
        Fax: 86 20 39082622
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